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Passionate Photography
Since 2018

Hi!  I am so glad you found me.  I’m Laura. Lifestyle photographer.  I have loved photos for as long as I can remember, even basically wall-papering my room with them in high school.  Beautiful photos have become a treasured way to capture the many fleeting, sweet seasons of life.  My handsome, high-school sweetheart husband taught me everything I know.  We shoot weddings together on the weekends and love being a part of such momentous days!  During the week, I pursue this super fun side-gig. I also home school and raise little people which is such a privilege (and great responsibility at the same time!).  My three cutie kiddos that have only increased my desire to slow time down and savor their sweet little personalities at each season of life. Apart from these main pursuits, I also love to travel, have friends over, drink coffee, work on renovating our 100 year old farmhouse, play in the yard, go on dates with my husband and kids, make memories, snuggle babies, finish a workout (the starting part is a drag), feed my family, listen to audio books, piddle in my garden, and capture all these savory joys with my camera.  Welcome to my virtual home- I look forward to getting to know you and yours!

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